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Stay up to date on industry advances, news and innovations with webinars lead by our Mérieux NutriSciences Technical Specialists. 

Audit SOS: Common Pitfalls During Audits

Can you be 100% prepared for an audit? Are you sometimes surprised with non-conformances raised? Are you comfortable with all the audit criteria? These are questions we sometimes ask when we prepare for audits, i.e. Customer audits, Certification audits, etc.

View this free webinar where we look at certain non-conformances regularly raised during food safety audits. We discuss and explain some of the audit criteria and potential pitfalls that can be experienced. Feel free to contact us if you have any other burning questions around audits, and we will gladly answer them as soon as we are able.  

Inspections webinar

Pinpointing potential problems before they occur is a cardinal rule of business in the global food industry.

Inspections are a key component of a food safety management system that focuses on compliance and effectiveness of the system. Not only will an effective inspection program indicate how well control measures are maintained to minimize risks but will grant manufacturers the opportunity to be proactive, by identifying mistakes in their food safety system and building on an action plan to prevent a recurrence.

View this FREE webinar and get insights from our local experts.

Process Validation Webinar

Process validation can help determine how effective food safety control measures are and due to the sporadic presence of bacterial pathogens in food products it is even more important to validate controls measures in place. 

View this interactive webinar where panelists provide an introduction to process validation, cover regulatory requirements and guidelines, discuss the importance of process validation and share our approach to validating control measures used in the manufacturing of safe food products.   

Date Labelling Webinar

We discuss the framework for dates of minimum durability (BB/Use by/Sell by) and explore questions from manufacturers' and consumers’ perspectives regarding what this information should convey, and how to make sure these dates are being used correctly. Includes presentation and Q&A with Penny Campbell (Directorate: Food Control at the National Department of Health) who addressed questions around applicable local regulations.

PRP Webinar South Africa

Did the lockdown regulations impact the effectiveness of your Food Safety Management System? View this interactive Q&A where technical specialists Thomas Smith and Lydon Maphike answer questions around which PRPs to focus on, how do you ensure that the PRPs are adapted to address current production needs and what PRPs are typically "missed/neglected" but can have a huge impact on your food safety effectiveness.

COVID-19 Webinar South Africa

With the implementation of the country-wide lockdown due to #COVID19, the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) and other government agencies have developed and published various documents to ensure employers implement adequate control measures in protecting health and safety in the workplace. View this interactive Q&A-style presentation, where technical specialists unpack some of the questions related to these documents and clarify important points employers need to know to ensure compliance.

Hand Sanitiser Webinar

Since the declaration of a national state of disaster due to COVID-19, we have been flooded with questions relating to hand sanitisers. With this in mind, watch this interactive webinar where we aim to clarify compliance and other requirements for hand sanitisers in a Q&A-style discussion, based on frequently asked questions from customers.

Food Safety Culture Webinar

View this interactive webinar where Mérieux NutriSciences SA Technical Specialist, Thomas Smith, unpacks fundamentals of Food Safety Culture and takes a quick look at some of the ways our response to hygiene principles in light of COVID-19 can be carried forward to positively impact an organisation's Food Safety Culture!

Legionella Webinar

View this interactive webinar where Mérieux NutriSciences SA Technical Specialist, Megan Smith, explores 5 key facts relating to Legionella pneumophila - the pathogenic bacterium, responsible for Legionnaires' Disease, which is commonly found in hot and cold water systems, hot tubs, cooling towers and other areas where water is aspirated.